Need a new challenge


I truly thank The One for all I have in my life. Nice and supportive husband, cute and healthy kids, surrounded by many good people, has a chance to visit, even stay in different countries. But sometimes, life as a mom and housewife can be really flat and boring.

I used to work, had business (now I still have the business, but it’s different that now I can not see the production process, while it is actually the thing I enjoy most – am crazy for all DIY, handmade stuffs). Now I am busy with many activities, but feels like I am really unproductive. And it drives me crazy sometimes. Again, I have to thank my husband for being so patient when I was acting like such a pain in the *ss.

I can find and apply for a job here. They have 2 organizations that maybe I can try whether they have a vacant. UNESCO and UNICEF. But sometimes I feel pity for Rania. She is 8 months old now. I already feel guilty for her, that sometimes I feel like my involvement in taking care of her is not as intense as when I was with Radit. I work part-time when Radit was a baby, in this organization. I took him everywhere I go. We did many activities together. You name it, play dates, baby massage class, cooking class -ya, I took many classes, even seminars when we have him-, or just when I hang out with friends. He has his first ‘ngopi-ngopi with Mama and friends’ since he was not even 40 days. Sometimes I even took him to work with me. With his mbak, of course.

And now Rania. I used to take her everywhere too, when we were in Jakarta. She went not only to shopping malls in, but also Tanah Abang, Cipadu, Mayestik during her first three months. Start introducing her to Mama’s favorite things since early age hehhee

Then I stopped when we are back in Oman. I seem to have many activities in the morning when Radit is in school. And it barely involves Rania. I feel guilty for this. Though now I try to change it. I commit to take her with me at least two days on weekdays, and we go out every weekend. I just don’t want her to be anti-social kid, scream and cry when she meets people. I can feel she changes already. Just 4 months here, and she seems a bit nervous and cranky when many people are around. When she first came to Oman, she likes to smile to people she just met. Now, we are working on that slowly. She is getting better again actually. Will tell you later about this.

For that reason, I can’t go back to work for the time being. At least until Rania goes to school. Though I really want to. Especially after I read this (finally) published study that we did for the Water and Sanitation Program, World Bank. It is the second phase of the study, the first phase is here. I don’t know when I can be involved in a research/study again, time will tell. But one thing for sure, seeing your name on the Acknowledgements (and the reference for citation ;)) really do something for your ego hehhe

Back to the challenge.

Though this is not the right time for me to work, I still need new challenge. Otherwise, it kills me.

I can not tell you what at the moment, but hopefully before this year ends, I can already start.

Fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, I am enjoying the long weekend 🙂

Carpe diem…

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