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Being an online shopping junkie, I thought that it will be easier to shop here in Oman. Back home, I have to deal with tax (which sometimes the rate is unpredictably high), and quite pricey courier rate.
I once got my working contract sent from Indonesia to Oman. The office sent it using EMS Post Indonesia, and I received here in Muscat from DHL. Delivered  right in front of my door. So I thought that it will be no problem to send/receive packages using my apartment’s address.

Last month I shopped from ebay UK.
I gave them my apartment’s address, thought that it will be no problem.

The seller informed me that they already shipped the items on April 18.
I was waiting for almost 3 weeks and still no news. I contacted the seller, and he gave me the tracking code. It was sent using Royal Mail Service.

I checked the Oman Post’s website (here, here, and here), hoping that maybe I can check the tracking number there. But the websites seem dormant.

Yesterday, I went to Oman Post in Ruwi (it’s a white and blue building, near Star Cinema and HSBC main office).

Had no clue whom to ask, I just ask randomly to a woman near the entrance. I told her my problem, and she guided me to one counter. The guy in the counter then showed me another counter. It was a fast process, I was amazed.

 The guy in the last counter gave me a phone number where I can ask about the package.The guy over the phone checked my tracking number. Unfortunately, my package has arrived since end of April (took around 10-14 days from UK). But because nobody claimed it, they sent it back to UK on May 7. I was 3 days late 🙁

This is the phone number in case you need it:

24 510 343, ext. 205

He also told me the problem:

1.    My address doesn’t have a PO BOX or postal code (here in Oman people usually have a PO Box for correspondences)
2.    My mobile phone in the address is no longer working
Next time, he said it’s better to use my husband’s office address than to send it to the apartment.

The package tracking is fast. It took me less than 10 minutes to find out where my package is at the moment (includes the asking people around part).

So even right now I still haven’t got my package (I already contacted the seller and they will send it again once it arrived in the UK), but I am still quite happy with Oman Post and will still use their service. With better preparation, next time, of course 😉

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