Hi..I am back!

Gosh, this blog was last updated on October 15, last year! Blame it on the pregnancy hormone, plus life with a 2-years-old boy, plus plus without full time nanny. More than enough reasons for not cooking, cleaning the house, updating the blog, I guess 😉

But I promise I will update this blog more often now. At least once a week (aamiin for that, God hears my prayers :D)

Here are some updates:

1. My second child was born on February 24, 2012. Her name is Rania Poetry Siregar. She is healthy and perfect for us, never stop thanking Allah for that. Another reason to thank, Radit loves his sister very much. Bravo kiddo! Will upload their photos later

2. I was in Indonesia for the food delivering her, for 7 months. And how time flies.

3. I forgot to extend my domain, www.d3d3k.com, and it is expired now 🙁 so I buy this new domain instead. Why jarigendut (= chubbyfingers)? As simple as because I do everything I like (from baking, crafting, writing etc) with my chubby fingers. Don’t bother thinking about extraordinary reasons behind the name, I am as simple as it is.

This new blog is still not yet fully working, some links are broken during the transmission. And I still could not post photos 🙁 will working on it as soon as possible (aamiin again…)

4. I am back to Muscat for almost a month now.

We move to a new flat, bigger because we have 2 additional members in the family (Rania and mbak Yuni), but further from the city center. Not a problem at all because there is no traffic here. And motivates me for having my Oman driver license (arrrghhh!!!). I like my new flat, more space for us. Although a week after we were here, the gas cylinder was taken by someone irresponsible 😉

More stories are coming…

Have a great day wherever you are 🙂

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