• Photos collages and digital scrapbooking for charity

    My country is crying.

    And so am I…

    I am lucky.

    While some people lost their houses and families, I am still here, safe and sound, surrounded by people that I love and love me, under the warmth of my home.

    I can’t do much to help the victims and the survivors of the earthquake, mount Merapi eruption, tsunami, floods – to name some of the disaster happening here – , but I want to do something.

    You can too, if you want.

    In return, I can make your photos collages OR digital scrapbooking for FREE.

    Here is how:

    1. Transfer some donations to the charity accounts.

    There are many. From Dompet Dhuafa Republika, some banks (BNI Peduli, Muamalat, and others), PMI, and one of my recommendations is to ACT (Aksi Cepat Tanggap). You can check their bank accounts in their website

    2. Send email to dedek.gunawan@gmail.com, by attaching the photos that you want me to do the collages/scrapbooking AND the receipt of the donation transfer.

    How much?

    Up to you…

    One thing for sure, the more you give, the more God will returns it…

    How long can I get my photos done?

    Up to 2 weeks, depends on how many ‘orders’ I got

    Until when?

    I will only accept photos and funds transferred latest on Monday, November 1st :)

    Some examples of the collages and digital scrapbooking that I did is below

    father n son

    father and son



    Happy Birthday

    happy birthday


    baby newborn

    the little pirate

    little pirate

    Some others you can see here

    It can be to remember baby born, holiday, birthday, pregnancy, anything

    You just need to print them later yourself, put it on a frame, DONE!

    Let’s do something for our beloved Indonesia

    Feel free to share this ya :)

    And thank you very much,

    Carpe diem!

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