• the decision is made

    Being a mother, it is not an easy decision whether to continue or stop working. Dilema for every working mom, I know. I am lucky because my boss allows me to work part-time, only 3-4 days per week.

    But now, when God has different plans for our family, and my number one priority will always be my family, the decision is made.

    It is not an easy decision for sure.

    Quit working and its ups and downs, friends you make a long the way, self-actualization, being independent to be able to use and manage your own money, to name a few.

    You see, I have been selling things and earning my own money since I was in High School.

    When I was in college, together with some friends, we were selling stuffs too. Anything. From waffle, rose on graduation day, to bag and shoes (these ones with my sisters). In college also I became a private teacher for elementary school kid (Indonesian-American), and part-time English teacher for one English course in Depok. In the last years of my college, I became a lecturer’s assistant for some economics subject also assistant in Statistics lab.

    My real work started when I was still in college also, working in one international conservation organization.

    Doing all the works, earning my own money since I was still a student, give a big impact for my life. I start to easily recognize an opportunity when one is around, my feeling and instinct are sharpened, and I didn’t easily give up when things are not as expected. Many good skills can be learned along the way, I believe. Some not-so-good thing also, I must confess. I become such an independent woman, with the high-ego as well, that I have to thank my husband so much for being so understanding :)

    Still 3 months to go.

    Still enough time to finish all my homeworks, to name a few:

    packing – developing systems for POPCORN so it can still work even when I am not around – finishing job – simplify my Reksadana accounts (I have 8 accounts, need to simplify them into maximum 3!) – find ways to work online – find ways to manage my investment also online – and last but not least, preparing for the bye-bye!

    Meanwhile, carpe diem! :)

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  1. Dearest Dedek, you’ve already find ways to work online ….http://www.dBCN-KerjadiRumah.com/?id=bukanbundabiasa

    “carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero” !!!!

  2. Tia says:

    Dearest Dedek,

    But quitting work and becoming a full mother for Dadit is the best the decission you’ve made. I always want to be in your position. Coz nothing could concure the work of a mother and a house wife! So I salute you my preno!!!!!!!!

    And tetep…..ojolali dibina yahhhh yg baru lo daftar itu heheheh

  3. d3d3k says:

    @witri: iya bu witri, salah satu alasan kenapa gue akhirnya memutuskan join padahal tau soal itu udah dari 3-4 tahun yang lalu :)

    @tia: true..but I believe you can still be a good mom even if you work…every mother is a full mother I think, working or not 😉

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  21. silmina says:

    wohoo… semangat mba dedek 😀

    salam kenal

  22. indri says:

    salam kenal…

    read ur story in femina magazine..


  23. d3d3k says:

    allo mbak Indri, makasih banyak ya mbak :) salam kenal juga :)

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