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Ini postingan di blog lama saya. Postingan asli di sini


here I am, typing my first post, in my new blog, with my new laptop (somboooonnnggg tea hehehe), from my new office (yupppiiieee for this 😉 )

I am working here now, for this policy analysis and formulation project…The truth is I already typed a long story about job, but the connection suddenly failed, and I am lazy to type again 😉

The bottom line is I wasnt so sure before about my decision to quit my previous job, not sure whether I can get another job again fast, and not sure whether my savings is enough to support myself during the job searching (tabungan saya cuman cukup buat beberapa bulan, PD pisan bakalan bisa dapet kerjaan baru not later than those months ;p)…Mana katanya kan sekarang jaman susah cari kerjaan…Pas gue quit kemaren, beneran belom ada gambaran mau kerja dimana, apply pun baru seadanya, karena kepikiran mau jalan-jalan dulu…Tuhan emang (masih) baik sama saya ya…Cepet bangeut dapet kerjaan barunya, even ditawarinnya bener-bener pas hari terakhir di kantor lama gitu…Tawar-menawar, boleh jalan-jalan dulu (ini nazar soalnya, jalan-jalan kalo bisa tahan setaon di kantor itu tuh, jadi harus dilaksanain 😉 , dan boleh lebih cepet masuknya karena gue bangkrut abis jalan-jalan itu…

And…here I am now 😉

From the preliminary assessment 2 weeks that I am here, I know that I have to thank Him again 🙂   And maybe it’s true, that God has a better plan for each of us…If going through whatever it is I’ve been going through so far can make me what I am now (emang apa sih you are now, dek…? sounds belagu sekali ya, maaf…), I have no objection at all…Sometimes you gotta catch up with the rain in order to see a rainbow, right? 😉

Before ending my post, here, let me quote from the good old fellow, Mark Twain:

Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did.

So throw off the bowlines…

Sail away from the safe harbour…

Catch the trade winds in your sails…




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